AI4Life at the NFDI4DataScience Mini-Hackathons

by Beatriz Serrano-Solano

AI4Life recently participated in a series of Machine Learning mini-hackathons hosted by NFDI4DataScience at ZB MED in Cologne (Germany). Our team engaged in two different sessions, aiming to define the Machine Learning lifecycle and to discuss the metadata required for each step.

Machine Learning Lifecycle (21-22 November 2023)
Throughout the two-day event, our objectives revolved around defining the lifecycle steps, creating a graphical representation and fostering compliance with FAIR principles. To extend the discussion to the broader community, the outcomes have been presented at the RDA FAIR4ML Interest Group.

Metadata for Machine Learning (23-24 November 2023)
This session focused on mapping metadata, datasets and applications across various platforms like the DOME registry,, OpenML, and, significantly contributing to standardizing ML metadata.

AI4Life’s participation in these mini-hackathons underlines the project’s commitment to enhancing the BioImage Model Zoo models specification to make them interoperable with resources outside the imaging community.

These events carried out during the Machine Learning hackathon at ZB MED sponsored by NFDI4DataScience. NFDI4DataScience is a consortium funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), project number 460234259.