How to engage with AI4Life

AI4Life welcomes a diverse range of stakeholders, each playing a crucial role in advancing the integration of AI and life sciences. We understand that your journey is unique, and that’s why we offer you ways to explore how AI4Life can bring value to your role:

Life Scientists

As a life scientist, you may need to analyse image data to understand biological processes. AI4Life offers you the opportunity to apply for free support in Open Calls, learn in workshops, and access FAIR AI models in the BioImage Model Zoo. You can share and access data in the BioImage Archive, and stay informed about the latest advancements in AI4Life.


Precision imaging is your strength, and AI4Life is here to complement it. Join hands-on workshops to apply FAIR AI models for enhanced image analysis. Our Helpdesk is at your service, helping with both the consumption or deposition of data and models.

Bioimage Analysts

Your expertise lies in extracting meaning from complex images, and AI4Life can help you sharpen your skills. Participate in the Open Calls to get support and leverage FAIR AI models to streamline bioimage analysis. You are also welcome to join the AI4Life Challenges and hackathons to collaborate with us!

Research Software Engineers (RSEs)

Your technical expertise drives the integration of AI in life sciences. AI4Life empowers you through specialised workshopsaccess to FAIR AI models in the BioImage Model Zoo and a repository for you to share and give visibility to your AI models. Share your expertise by participating in Challenges where you can solve difficult bioimaging problems.

Principal Investigators / Facility Heads

Guiding research demands efficient data management and informed decisions. AI4Life provides you with data management solutions, insights into AI technology trends, and expert assistance through our dedicated Helpdesk. Engage with a community of experts for strategic growth.

Industry Partners

Your industry insight merges with academia for mutual progress within AI4Life. Access and contribute models to the BioImage Model Zoo, data in the BioImage Archive, participate in Open Callsworkshops, challenges, you name it!

All or none of the above roles

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