BiaPy joins the BioImage Model Zoo as a Community Partner

by Daniel Franco

The Bioimage Analysis software BiaPy has officially joined the BioImage Model Zoo as a Community Partner! This means that the BiaPy software supports the format for deep learning models.

BiaPy is an open source Python library to easily build bioimage analysis pipelines based on deep-learning approaches. The library supports the image processing of 2D, 3D and multichannel microscopy image data. Specifically, BiaPy contains ready-to-use solutions for tasks such as semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, object detection, image denoising, single image super-resolution and image classification, as well as self-supervised learning alternatives.

At present, BiaPy Jupyter notebooks already exporting compatible models are accessible through the BioImage Model Zoo. A future expansion of the current offer by adding a variety of models, including transformers, is expected. The integration of BiaPy in the BioImage Model Zoo aims to enhance the library’s visibility, foster greater collaboration, and serve the community better by increasing the variety of advanced image processing approaches, which significantly empowers the field of BioImage Analysis.