The AI4Life project coordinators at Euro-BioImaging ERIC, along with the scientific coordinators at EMBL and Human Technopole, are responsible for managing the successful implementation of the AI4Life project. 

The consortium bodies play a crucial role in the management of the project. The consortium consists of 3 internal bodies: the Project Management Team, the Steering Committee, and the General Assembly. There are then two bodies which include external members: the Executive Board and the Open Calls Selection Committee

Project Management Executive Board

The Project Management (PM) Team (also known as the Project Management Executive Board), is the consortium body in charge of project management. The PM team establishes the project management procedures, monitors the project progress, and communicates with the European Commission. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) is the supervisory body for the execution of the Project, which shall report to and be accountable to the General Assembly. Members of the SC are:

Open Calls Selection Committee

The Open Calls Selection Committee (OCSC) in charge of selecting projects for the Open Calls and Public Challenges. Members of the OCSC are:

  • Ignacio Arganda-Carreras
  • Beth Cimini
  • Jan Funke
  • Florian Jug
  • Anna Kreshuk
  • Emma Lundberg
  • Aastha Mathur
  • Wei Ouyang

Executive Board

The Executive Board oversees the Virtual Access (“VA”) infrastructures and regularly assesses all services provided. 

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all 10 members of the AI4Life consortium.
The first General Assembly meeting was held at EMBL in Heidelberg (Germany) in October 2022. The second General Assembly meeting was held at EMBL in Heidelberg (Germany) in October 2023. The third General Assembly will take place in Milan (Italy) in October 2024.