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Jobs openings offered in AI4Life

The postdoc will work with other AI4Life consortium partners to build scalable AI tools and computing infrastructure for bioimage analysis. There are two aims in the project: 1) Creating web services and computing platforms for sharing AI models, making them more accessible and usable; 2) Building scalable bioimage analysis methods and tools for powering next-generation augmented microscopy. This includes creating tools for collaborative and interactive annotation, model training, real-time inference and generating feedback signal for microscope control.

The candidates are expected to collaborate with other AI4Life partners and develop scalable AI methods, tools and platforms on top of our prior work such as the BioImage Model Zoo and ImJoy.

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The research engineer will be responsible for building web-based user interfaces, computational backends, and managing container-based computing clusters. You will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects such as the AI-powered automated imaging farm, which involves robotic and imaging hardware control, experiment planning, and real-time AI-powered data analysis. You will collaborate with teams from Stanford University and develop AI platforms based on our existing open source projects such as ImJoyImageJ.JS and BioEngine. Additionally, they will work with international consortia such as the EU-supported research infrastructure project AI4Life for building the Bioimage Model Zoo and creating cloud-based AI computing infrastructure for deploying AI to research institutions and used by the masses.

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See also other opportunities available at the AICell Lab.