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The ANERIS project aims to address the urgent issue of declining ocean biodiversity. This is pursued through the creation of groundbreaking tools and technology for the monitoring, research, and effective management of marine ecosystems. Euro-BioImaging and its nodes France BioImaging and Israel BioImaging are supporting the project objectives through the development of next-generation of AI tools and methods for marine life imaging.

This is the rationale behind Euro-Bioimaging’s initiative to host an interactive workshop series on AI Basics for image processing. The goal is to facilitate collaboration between research communities in the field of marine science and image analysis, fostering a collective effort to address the current challenges effectively.

These enlightening workshop sessions—AI basics for image processing, Image restoration, and Image classification and segmentation—offer a comprehensive journey into the realm of AI and its capacity to enhance and interpret image data. It will also present an excellent chance to learn more about the ANERIS project and connect to the consortium.

Each session will be enriched by expert presentations and hands-on demonstrations, showcasing the practical application of AI tools in image processing:

– AI basics for Image processing: November 28th
– Image restoration: December 4th
– Image classification and segmentation: December 7th