Icy joins as a community partner!

by Carlos Garcia-López-de-Haro

The Bioimage Analysis software Icy has officially joined the BioImage Model Zoo as a Community Partner! This means that the Icy software will soon be compatible with the Deep Learning (DL) models present in the repository.

Icy is a powerful, open-source software designed for bioimage analysis, with features including visualization, annotation, graphical programming, and more. Now, with the compatibility with BioImage Model Zoo, Icy will further enhance its capabilities by leveraging the power of Deep Learning to analyze complex biological images better.

Meanwhile, Icy users will be encouraged to upload new models and datasets to the website, improving the collaboration and pushing the Bioimage Analysis field forward. The plugin to run Deep Learning models in Icy is in its final stage of development and it will be released soon. The Icy team is also providing the backend of their plugin as an independent Java library to run any Deep Learning model from various of the supported DL frameworks by the BioImage Model Zoo (Tensorflow 1, Tensorflow 2, Pytorch and Onnx) in an easy way.