New section on the AI4Life Website: Explore Our Latest Outputs!

We are excited to introduce a fresh addition to the AI4Life website dedicated to showcasing our project’s accomplishments in a more accessible manner.

Milestones and Deliverables
AI4Life is a very prolific project, we will publish 25 deliverables and 16 milestones throughout the project’s duration. This newly launched section serves as a hub where you can dig into the specifics of each deliverable and milestone. An interactive timeline provides insight into the projected completion dates of our deliverables, offering a clear roadmap for our ongoing endeavours.

Highlighting Our Scientific Contributions
In this same section, we’ve also gathered our scientific publications. By centralizing these contributions, our aim is to foster knowledge-sharing and encourage collaboration within the wider scientific community.

Your Window into AI4Life’s Advancements
We invite you to explore this new section of our website to gain insight into the work that has defined AI4Life’s journey thus far. By making our outputs easily accessible, we hope to engage you with our work. And, for those that want to stay closely connected to AI4Life, we offer the option to subscribe to our newsletter.