AI4Life General Assembly

EMBL Heidelberg

The AI4Life Annual Meeting and General Assembly will gather all AI4Life project partners at EMBL in Heidelberg on October 9th-10th, 2023. All AI4Life partner institutions as well as all the […]


AI4Life Hackathon & Solvathon

EMBL Heidelberg

Following the 2nd AI4Life General Assembly in Heidelberg, there will be two events running in parallel: Hackathon, aimed at addressing the challenges of building and deploying AI tools for bioimage […]


HT Deep Learning for Microscopy Image Analysis 2023

Milan, Italy

The goal of the course is to familiarise researchers working in life sciences with state-of-the-art deep learning techniques for microscopy image analysis, with a focus on image restoration and image […]


AI and biology course

EMBL Heidelberg

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming virtually all areas of science, and the life sciences are no exception. AI-based methods are pushing the limits of what is possible in experiment design, […]